Pay with a UBB card

and use the accumulated bonus

How does the programme work?

When you pay with your UBB credit card or premium debit card at POS sites, bearing the Programme logo, you accumulate a certain amount as a bonus. The bonus amount is a certain percentage of the purchase price, depending on the retailer where you shopped.

How to utilize the accumulated bonus?


When making a purchase at a cash desk in the sites, involved in the Programme, please ask a store employee and inquire about their joint UWIN Programme with UBB.


Upon expressed desire on your part, the store employee will choose the option at the POS terminal - whether to utilize the bonus or not.


If your bonus is redeemed, the amount will be transferred to your card through an automatic transaction immediately after the purchase.


The first transaction receipt is for you. At its bottom you will find your balance under the UWIN Programme.


  • Bonuses are being accumulated and utilized at UBB POS terminal devices at the respective merchant's site, where you can also check the accrued bonus amount.
  • The bonuses, accumulated under Uwin Programme can be checked also via the Bank’s e-banking.
  • If you hold several credit cards and/or premium debit card , issued by UBB, all these are included in the Programme. The bonus, won while shopping with all these cards, included in UWIN, will be a sum total for the client and may be utilized with any of these cards.

Merchants, involved in the programme