UBB offers new measures for reducing the financial burden of its credit cardholders

17 March 2020

As a part of the measures for alleviating the daily routine and the financial burden of its clients in the present state of emergency UBB, part of the Belgian KBC Group, offers a solution to all its clients, holders of UBB credit cards.

Should clients of the bank wish to make credit card purchases exceeding BGN 100 and defer their payment into 12 monthly installments, then over the period until 31 May they can do so free of charge and at no interest.

Most clients, using online or mobile banking, are familiar with this option. This can easily be done anywhere by just a few clicks via UBB Online or UBB Mobile, or with a one phone call to UBB’s Contact Centre at 0700 117 17 or *7171.

„The Bank aims at being as flexible as possible with regard to our clients’ problems and offering solutions that would make their lives easier and protect them from entering into the spiral of financial dependence.“, commented Peter Andronov, Chief Executive Officer of UBB and Country Manager of KBC Group for Bulgaria. „Credit card payments are extremely popular and many of our clients use them on a daily basis, that is why we believe this decision of ours will be well-accepted by them. We once again remind that the mobile banking functionality is a wonderful solution for payment and effecting financial transactions in the comfort of our own homes, where we are advised to stay now.“, said Peter Andronov in conclusion.