Info about forthcoming change in the UWIN Loyalty Programme for UBB cardholders

Pay with a UBB card

and use the accumulated bonus

How does the programme work?

When you pay with your UBB credit card or premium debit card at POS sites, bearing the Programme logo, you accumulate a certain amount as a bonus. The bonus amount is a certain percentage of the purchase price, depending on the retailer where you shopped.


If your purchase is worth BGN 100 and the merchant's bonus is 5%, you will get a bonus of BGN 5, thus reducing the cost of future purchases at outlets, included in the programme.

Terms and Conditions of UBB Loyalty Programme

You decide whether to draw down the accumulated bonus with your next purchase or continue collecting more bonuses in cash, thus reducing the cost of future purchases.

You can check the amount of the accumulated bonus under your credit card in the first receipt from the POS terminal device at the sites of our partner merchants.

Detailed information about the Programme is available in the attached Terms and Conditions of UBB's Loyalty Programme for Cardholders.

How to utilize the accumulated bonus?


When making a purchase at a cash desk in the sites, involved in the Programme, please ask a store employee and inquire about their joint UWIN Programme with UBB.


Upon expressed desire on your part, the store employee will choose the option at the POS terminal - whether to utilize the bonus or not.


If your bonus is redeemed, the amount will be transferred to your card through an automatic transaction immediately after the purchase.


The first transaction receipt is for you. At its bottom you will find your balance under the UWIN Programme.


  • Bonuses are being accumulated and utilized at UBB POS terminal devices at the respective merchant's site, where you can also check the accrued bonus amount.
  • The bonuses, accumulated under Uwin Programme can be checked also via the Bank’s e-banking.
  • If you hold several credit cards and/or premium debit card , issued by UBB, all these are included in the Programme. The bonus, won while shopping with all these cards, included in UWIN, will be a sum total for the client and may be utilized with any of these cards.


Having made a purchase with your VISA credit card you have accumulated a UWIN bonus of BGN 10.00.
Are You willing to make a next purchase of BGN 60.00 with another UBB credit card of yours?
When paying for your purchase you can utilize the bonus, generated up to the current moment - you will pay 60 BGN and immediately after the purchase the utilized bonus of 10 BGN will be transferred to you through an automatic transaction.
And there is more to that – the purchase, discounted with your UWIN bonus, will also accumulate a bonus under the Programme.

Merchants, involved in the programme

Hippoland Hippoland


Hippoland is the largest chain of children hypermarkets in Bulgaria, which offers everything needed to raise and bring up a child from birth up to 10-12 years of age.

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ZORA is a Bulgarian company, which has established itself as one of the leading brands on the market for hi-fi and home appliances. ZORA has 38 shops across the country

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Sony Center Sony Center

Sony Center

Authorized distributor and main partner of the Japanese-tech-giant SONY, the center offers all product categories of the company's portfolio

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ART-93 ART-93


ART-93 is an indisputable leader on the Bulgarian market in the production of leather belts, wallets, bags, business bags, gloves, etc.

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Marc O'Polo Shops Marc O'Polo Shops

Marc O'Polo Shops

Marc O'Polo is the synonym of the sophisticated everyday style of urban people. This fashion brand comprises the premium segment in casual wear.

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Espirit Espirit


Esprit is a lifestyle. Esprit is an international youth apparel brand that offers its clients the smart and affordable luxury so that they could always enrich their lives with something new and special, which is always in line with the modern taste and style.

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Welcome to U.S. POLO ASSN. shops - the eponymous brand of the world’s oldest polo association, located in the USA and Canada, which offers men's, women's and children's clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, underwear and home textiles.

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TED Mattresses TED Mattresses

TED Mattresses

TED is a leading producer of mattresses, bedding, sleeping systems and bedroom accessories, with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

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GiAnni shoe stores GiAnni shoe stores

GiAnni shoe stores

GiAnni is a Bulgarian brand producing women’s shoes, men's shoes and bags with Italian designers.

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Stil‘99 Shoe stores Stil‘99 Shoe stores

Stil‘99 Shoe stores

Chain stores for shoes and accessories, with experts to assist you in selecting the most suitable shoes for you.

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